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The Philosophy of the    "The Counselor"    rests upon the belief in
individual inner strength & desire to get well....
   "The Counselor"    understands the importance of
therapeutic relationship based on human dignity,respect,
trust and confidentiality.
Problem is serious?
Problem is serious? How do I know when a problem is serious enough to require counseling?
Each of us can be faced with life events that are difficult to manage. Relationship problems, work-related issues, parenting challenges, depression, grief, aging parent concerns, alcohol or drug use problems, and chronic health difficulties are just a few examples of common challenges that can diminish our abilities to effectively manage our activities from one day to the next.

Every person has his or her own method of determining when it would be useful to seek outside help. The statements listed below are frequently used to determine whether there is a need for outside help. If these statements ring true for you, our services may be helpful.
  • I spend a lot of time and energy thinking and worrying about my problems.
  • Others have expressed concerns about me.
  • My problems are taking a toll on my health and my ability to cope. It appears that I am not as resilient as I used to be.
  • My personal and work relationships have been negatively affected by the pressures and stress in my life.
  • I no longer find pleasure in activities that previously had been pleasurable or satisfying.
  • I don't sleep very well anymore because I am worried about so many things
Make an appointment
Make a counseling appointment Email or phone for your counseling consultations.
If you require special contact instructions please leave that in your message and we will be happy to accommodate those needs. For example, if you would prefer us to phone you, please indicate who we should ask for once the call is answered. We welcome your suggestions to protect your anonymity.
  • We would also like to make clear at this time that any information you submit to your counselor is 100% confidential.
  • A session is approximately one hour. Please note that unless 24 hours is given to cancel an appointment, you will be charged the price of the appointment. This, of course, excludes extreme situations.
The Counselor
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Tobacco cessation service
The smoke-free policies in India were enforced since 2 October 2008 and different states are at varying levels of its implementation, yet the tobacco cessation services are still limited to very few clinics in India.

A lead article published in The Economist (7-13 March 2009) says: "Tobacco is more addictive than virtually all of them [narcotic drugs]. With tobacco being highly addictive, high-quality and reliable tobacco cessation service is inevitable in order to facilitate the people to quit the tobacco use in any form.

Tobacco Cessation service includes personal counseling, & coaching which help the employees and supervisors in understanding the road blocks to their tobacco cessation attempts.

"The Counselor" team focuses on
  • Information on the effects of tobacco use and reasons to quit
  • Telephonic counseling and support services
  • Ear acupuncture & peer based quitting program
  • Medical interventions and Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Health and wellness coaching
Confidential, voluntary, in-person assessment and counseling for people experiencing problems psychological or social in nature. Typical concerns involve relationship problems, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, grief , loss and financial problems, parent/child problems, domestic violence and work/family balance , educational and many others.
 Counseling for students regarding their academic performance, relationship ,pre or post marital issues and problems. These issues can include harassment, domestic violence or relationship issues.
Counseling for, employees regarding job or performance-related problems. These issues can include harassment, work performance problems, burnout and coworker relationship issues.

Pre & post retirement counseling : Individualized pre and post retirement counseling which includes peer as well as professional counseling. It can be extended to family member also in special cases.
Counseling on phone service
Counseling on phone service Counseling on phone service is devoted to make professional counseling more available and accessible to the public. Phone counseling is an alternative to face-to-face counseling that may be very useful in certain situations. If you are in need of professional counseling and are limited in your ability to travel to see a counselor, then phone counseling can be especially useful. Phone counseling is also beneficial for those who are in a state of acute stress and may want to speak with a professional counselor immediately, avoiding the long wait of finding the right therapist and scheduling an appointment. Please contact us on phone 09268441080
Trainings for action
The Counselorís trainers are available for planning and providing learning opportunities according to specific training needs of the students, employees and supervisors.
Training areas
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Life skills
  • Stress management
  • Leadership
  • Acudetox counseling
  • Addiction
  • Interactive media
  • Training of Trainers
  • Peer counseling
  • Communication
Marriage counseling
The Counselor believes that if your marriage is having problems, you shouldn't wait too long to seek professional help. Here's help in finding a counselor and deciding if counseling will work for your marriage. Please call us on phone 09268441080.